What can a facial do for your skin? A facial is one of the different ways to improve the look and health of your skin.


These treatments follow some elemental steps: 



Our esthetician will begin your treatment with a basic cleansing ritual. She will open up the pores on your face with warm water, apply a special cleansing product, and then rinse it off.

Next, the esthetician will cover your eyes and look at your skin up close with a magnifying light to determine your skin type so she can choose which products will work better for you. She'll probably tell you if your skin is clear, whether it's dry or oily, if it's firm, and may describe the size of your pores.


For the exfoliation, a steam bath is used on your face to open pores; sometimes, an exfoliating product is included in the steam bath to slough off dead skin. Other times, an exfoliate is applied after the steam bath and then rinsed off. Either way, expect to come out of this step with younger, healthier looking skin.

Extraction is a pore cleansing step. In this part of the treatment, our esthetician will pick out all the contaminants in your skin. Extraction eliminates blackheads by removing the dirt caught in pores. Not all facials include the extraction step; you may not need it if you have dry or normal skin. For Acne treatments, extraction is a set step.


After extraction, you will be rewarded with a relaxing facial massage. The massage segment is designed to ease any pain, release tension, and stimulate your pores for the rest of the treatment.

Next, a mask that is specially designed for your skin's needs will be applied on your face and neck. If you have oily skin, the mask will absorb excess oils; if you have dry skin, the mask will be moisturizing. No matter what kind of mask you receive, expect it to remain on your face for about 15 minutes. Then, it will be removed with cold water and a cloth.


To end your treatment, a suitable moisturizer will be applied for your skin type. Sometimes, a toner is applied to your face too. After the facial treatment ends, our therapist will give you a brief summary of all that she's done. She will tell you how to continue caring for your skin at home and will probably recommend products that would be ideal for your skin type.